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Will Apple Pay and Its Backers Ignite Mobile Wallets? (Sept. 11, 2014)

Numerous payments providers, financial institutions and merchants have thrown their support behind Apple Inc.’s new Apple Pay service—and if the tidal wave of early backing is any indication, the Apple and iPhone brands already may have overcome one of the most vexing issues hindering mobile wallet adoption—lack of widespread support by stakeholders in the value chain.

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People on the Move: Kirk Kordeleski, CO-OP Financial Services Board


Kirk Kordeleski, president and CEO of Long Island, N.Y.-based Bethpage Federal Credit Union, has been appointed to the CO-OP Financial Services Board of Directors.

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Mobile & Emerging Payments


Apple Pay Coming to China (Sept. 17, 2014)

Apple and China UnionPay Co. have struck a deal to bring Apple Pay, the wallet app featured on the new NFC-enabled iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, to China.

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NBPCA, Gov’t, Consumer Groups Weigh In on Mobile Financial Services (Sept. 15, 2014)

Mobile financial services can play an important role among a large group of American consumers. That much the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association, the FTC and consumer organizations, including U.S. Public Interest Research Group and the Center for Digital Democracy, agree on.

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Viewpoint: The One Who Enrolls Is the One Who Controls

The most effective strategy for retailers to thrive in an omnichannel age is to enroll customers for payment in their own mobile shopping apps.

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Isis Becomes Softcard (Sept. 3, 2014)

Isis Wallet is now Softcard. The NFC-based mobile payment initiative backed by AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile, was snakebit earlier this year when a jihadist militant group adopted the name Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and the acronym ISIS.

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Introducing Antonia Stroeh: New Head of Prepaid Product Development for Europe (Sept. 17, 2014)


During Day Two of MasterCard Europe’s prepaid conference, Paybefore met with Antonia Stroeh, the payment network’s new head of prepaid product development for Europe.

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