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2015 Paybefore Awards Europe: Best Choice Retail Card

2015_PBEurope_awards_logo_plainThe retail card that’s a best choice for consumers/clients, while making significant contributions to increasing sales and/or loyalty, or expanding the use of prepaid to new customer segments.

Christmas Savings Card

  • ASDA

A simple to use, easy to understand savings program, ASDA’s Christmas Savings Card delivers real value to customers at an expensive time of year. It helps ASDA customers spread out the cost of holiday shopping. Each card can be loaded with up to £144 (US$215), which earns up to a £6 (US$8.94) bonus. The customer makes regular deposits to the card, and then, in November, ASDA deposits a bonus based on the card balance. The ASDA Christmas Savings Card has been a consistent performer for the supermarket chain, providing a simple and secure way for customers save for Christmas, while reinforcing ASDA’s mission to provide low prices and a friendly welcome.


Decathlon Gift Card – Sport as a gift

  • Decathlon

“Sport as a gift” is the customer proposition of the Decathlon gift card. Aligned with the company’s credo to make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all, the Decathlon Gift Card turns a fun and healthy activity into something tangible with wide consumer appeal. A variety of designs cover a range of sports, as well as Christmas specials with beautiful and innovative gift boxes and designs. This program,  available everywhere Decathlon operates—France, U.K., Belgium, Italy, Spain, Russia, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Holland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, India and China—makes a significant contribution to the core business with high levels of sales uplift.


Prepaid Lyoness MasterCard

  • MyCard International Ltd.

The Prepaid Lyoness MasterCard connects Lyoness members with participating retailers. It’s a closed- and open-loop card. Closed-loop loyalty points are earned and redeemed at participating merchants, but the card also may be used at any merchant that accepts MasterCard. And, loyalty points and cashback rewards are added automatically to the card, when earned. The Prepaid Lyoness MasterCard is available in three options: White, Platinum and Black. Each card has features tailored to its relevant target market, such as insurance, discounted airtime and LoungeKey access. The long-term goal is to roll out the card in the 45 countries where Lyoness is active, to increase turnover and grow the client base globally.


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