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2015 Paybefore Awards Europe: Best Travel Companion

Best use of prepaid/emerging payments for travel or transit.2015_PBEurope_awards_logo_plain

Thomson Multi-Currency Travel Money MasterCard

With eight currencies on one card, the Thomson Multi-Currency Travel Money Card is the ultimate travel companion. The program takes the hassle and stress out of travel money for TUI customers. Cardholders can pre-load the card with multiple currencies, and select a default purse depending on where they’re traveling. The option gives cardholders complete control over the transactions and currencies used. The POS terminal automatically draws from the default purse. If there are insufficient funds available in the purse, the POS terminal looks to the next purse. With a simple and transparent fee structure—no transaction fees abroad, except for ATMs—cards enable users to manage funds anywhere using the app or Website, at more than 640 Thomson shops or via the 24/7 customer call center. Emergency funds also are available via Western Union.


Escape Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard Card

The Escape Travel Card is loaded with GBP and foreign currency conversion is executed at the POS, no matter where the cardholder travels. This approach gives cardholders a more flexible solution as the card can be used in multiple destinations without paying to re-convert currencies. There’s also no initial load fee, meaning cardholders pay only one currency conversion charge. The primary account holder can order up to three additional companion cards and, using Tuxedo’s eccount functionality, can support family/group spending, either sharing a single balance or allocating balances to individual cards. Alternatively, the companion card can be stored in a safe in case the primary card is lost/stolen. Funds are then available to spend immediately on the companion card, meaning no disruption to the holiday. The card is supported by innovative SMS features, such as text to block/unblock and low balance alerts, enabling cardholders to manage their cards simply, on the move.


ICE Travellers Cashcard

The ICE Travellers Cashcard is a chip and PIN MasterCard available in euros, U.S. dollars and GPS. The card was launched after conducting thorough research into what U.K. holidaymakers actually want in a prepaid card—above all else, no fees whatsoever. ICE Travellers Cashcard is free to obtain, free to load and free to use no matter how it’s used. And, there are no inactivity charges. ICE also offers a complimentary backup card for emergency use and cardholders earn 1.5 percent cashback when they spend more than 50 (euros, dollars or pounds). The program also buys back up to £100 worth of unused euros or dollars at the same rate the card was loaded—commission-free.


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