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2017 Pay Awards: In it to Win it

house_awards-nom_medrect_01042017We’ve made many changes over the years—expanded categories to reflect our changing industry—but the keys to a successful nomination haven’t changed much. Here are our top four tips on coming away with a win:

1. Show, don’t tell. Remember the advice of your grammar school English teacher. Show the judges why your program, organization or individual deserves to be named a winner. That means including meaningful metrics and a compelling illustration of how the nominee is changing prepaid, retail & loyalty, or payments technology for the better. Confidential metrics will be handled with extreme care and will not be made public. If you absolutely can’t share  numbers of users/cards, give the judges something meaningful to evaluate your success, such as growth rates or figures that demonstrate how your solution has made a quantifiable difference to clients/consumers.  

2. Know your audience. You’re not convincing consumers or clients to use your product/service, you’re trying to convince industry experts that you’re the best in the business. Don’t just tell us why you’re better than cash and checks, show us why you’re better than your competitors.

3. Understand the categories. Pay attention to the category you’re entering. Make sure it’s a good fit for the program, service or organization you’re nominating. Read the Part IV questionnaire that goes with each category before you decide which category or categories to enter.

4. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Although it’s important to spend time on each nomination and make the best case possible for your nominee to win, your chances of winning improve exponentially if you enter multiple categories. Keep putting your brand (or those of your partners)—and your compelling arguments—in front of the judges.

First things first: Pick your categories. We’ll be celebrating winners in the 24 categories throughout the year, including a special Pay Magazine – Awards Edition for our Best-in-Category and Industry Achievement winners. Make your selections and enter by Friday, March 10, 2017.

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