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Pindrop Releases ‘Next-Gen’ Phoneprinting with Machine-Learning Might

Pindrop, an Atlanta-based voice security and authentication firm, says its latest technology release is improving clarity and accuracy and increasing fraud detection by 20 percent.


Digiliti Money Filing Reveals Deal Progress

Digiliti Money (DGLT) may have gotten knocked down, but it’s not out. And neither is a revised bid from prospective buyer Urban FT.


Infographic: Banking in Europe 2017

Banking by the numbers in the EU, with key facts and figures from the European Banking Federation, including stats on which fintech is getting the love from big banks.


Collinson Group Buys Linkable Networks Platform to Expand in U.S.

Another day, another acquisition—this time with a focus on card-linked offers. London-based Collinson Group, on Sept. 8 announced it’s purchasing “a number of assets” from Boston-based Linkable Networks, including Linkable’s card-linked-offers platform.


BNP Paribas Exports nexo standards to 14 European Countries

French bank BNP Paribas wants to help merchants “kiss goodbye” the costly, time-consuming and complex task of managing multiple, incompatible domestic acceptance systems. Enter global standards.


Juniper Predicts Major Global Shift to Contactless on Heels of U.S. EMV Push

A new study from Juniper Research is forecasting that more than half (53 percent) of global transactions at the point of sale will be contactless within five years, compared with just 15 percent this year.


SWIFT Partners with TCH to Drive Instant Payments in the U.S.  

Hot on the heels of the Fed’s Faster Payments Task Force final report and call for the industry to implement faster payments in the U.S. by 2020, SWIFT is offering a gateway.


Nordnet Hires ‘Digital Employee’ AI Amelia

Nordnet, a digital bank in the Nordics, will have a “new digital employee” as of this fall—IPSoft’s Amelia artificial intelligence (AI) platform.


Servion: FIs Must Bank on Latest AI for Customer Service

Banks that aren’t proactive in adopting the latest artificial intelligence technology for customer service risk losing those customers. That’s because many online-only banks and others are investing in automated assistants that improve customer interactions by predicting why customers are contacting the bank and resolving the issue quickly.


U.K. Post Offices Become De Facto Bank Branches

The U.K.’s Post Office, which has a long history of providing financial services, including prepaid cards, has entered the banking market in a new way with an industry-wide agreement with the nation’s banks going into effect today. From Jan. 24, 99 percent of U.K. personal bank customers and more than 75 percent of business customers can do their day-to-day banking at the Post Office—described as the “biggest expansion in face-to-face banking access in a generation.”