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Pay Magazine – Spring 2013

Prepaid: The Global Phenomenon; MCX Perspective on Mobile Payments; Special Section: Countdown to U.S. EMV; 2013 Paybefore Awards: Top 30 Winners, 12+ Countries; The NFC Debate: Yes, No or Maybe


Pay Magazine – Fall 2012

The Interview Issue: Thought Leaders Speak on What Matters Most; Prepaid World: Boots on the Ground Report on 5 Key Markets; Mobile Money: 28 Pages on Wallets, Security, Adoption and More


Pay Magazine – Spring 2012

Emerging Payments: What’s Next for Prepaid?; Special Research Section: Metrics That Matter; Whose Mobile Wallet Will Win? 2012 Paybefore Awards: Inside the World’s Top Prepaid Programs; Washington Watch: Anything Goes in an Election Year


Pay Magazine – Fall 2011

Navigating Change: New Regs, Technology, Competitors; Did Durbin Kill the Open-Loop Gift Card?; What European Consumers Want; Inside China’s Booming Prepaid Market; 6 Prepaid Visionaries Share Their Stories; Is Your Card Covered by the Interchange Cap?


Pay Magazine – Spring 2011

Prepaid Innovators; PayPal’s Plans for Global and Mobile Domination; Is 2011 the Year for NFC?; Indian Consumers Are Ready for Prepaid; Can Banks Serve the Unbanked Market?; Paybefore Awards 2011