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Q&A with Teri Llach, Blackhawk Network

Ahead of Money2020 and the busiest shopping season of the year, Paybefore spoke with Blackhawk Network’s Chief Marketing Officer, Teri Llach, about connecting with consumers in every channel.


Q&A with Michael Parlotto, InComm

Michael Parlotto, VP, Emerging Technologies, InComm, gives the lowdown to Paybefore on the evolution of prepaid and what the future might hold for the industry.


Illinois Policy Could Make Life More Expensive for Citizens Who Struggle Financially

In trying to balance its budget, the Illinois legislature has taken aim at the wallets of the poor. Two changes by the state government will make it harder for low-income people to manage their financial lives by reducing the usefulness of prepaid cards and increasing the expense of cashing a check.


Takeaways (and Surprises) from 1,000 Fintech Startups

The Center for Financial Services Innovation recently released its 2017 FinLab Snapshot paper. And, if you think you know fintech, what we found may surprise you.


As Fintech Ramps Up, Europe’s Banking Regulator Is On the Move

The EBA has to move out of London because of Brexit. With an influx of tech, startups and financial services providers, Ireland is making a case for Dublin.


Payment Trends: BAI Beacon 2017 Preview

Cut through the noise and examine the payment trends most likely to affect your bottom line.


Industry Views: Will Fintech Cause the Next Financial Crisis?

A recent opinion piece in Bloomberg suggested that the next financial crisis could spring from Silicon Valley instead of Wall Street. Payments experts weigh in on the analysis and offer their own two cents on fintech, innovation, regulation and risk.


3 Reasons Asia Is the Perfect Incubator for Fintech Innovation

Fintech investments in Asia-Pacific reached $10.5 billion in 2016—the highest amount to date since 2010, according to CB Insights data. See what’s behind the boom and why it matters.


Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to Enhance the Customer Experience

As big data just keeps getting bigger, banks, retailers and every other kind of company must have more sophisticated tools to understand and predict what customers want and need.


Did Apple Just Reinvent Retail Again?

Forget facial scans or a watch that’s not tethered to the phone. If you’re a bank or payments company, you’d best be looking at Apple’s plans for the transformation of retail.