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Investing in Innovation: Payoff ahead

We’re only six weeks into the New Year and already we’ve seen significant activity on the regulatory front in the U.S. and more to come in the U.K. and Europe. Meanwhile, many of the other trends we identified as ones to watch in our Year-in-Review report—bots, blockchain and co-opetition—have been dominating the headlines (along with some major acquisitions). Are you investing in the right places?


Viewpoint: Why Better Payments Security Requires More Sharing

When payment systems come under attack, the broad retail and service economies suffer. That’s why legal concerns and information-sharing programs need to be reexamined.


Viewpoint: The Rise of in-App Commerce

In-app payments are cannibalizing more traditional payments. But to succeed in this environment, retailers and others must recognize that app commerce is different from e-commerce and requires a unique set of payments capabilities to be optimized.


Viewpoint: What Openness Means for Payments, Fintech Future

With regulators opening up the payments infrastructure and consumers and business clients demanding á la carte but interoperable financial services from a variety of players, the industry and its would-be disruptors must adapt.


Industry Views: Baby, Please Don’t Go

Experts from Blackhawk, Cachet, Arroweye, i2c and more explain what loyalty strategies are moving the needle with consumers and why.


Viewpoint: What Can the Payments Industry Expect from Trump?

Even if President Trump puts the brakes on federal regulation of the payments industry, state regulators are poised to swerve into the open lane that creates.


Viewpoint: The Wider Appeal of Blockchain

The technology that underpins bitcoin has received increased attention in recent months from corporate heavyweights. Here’s how blockchain can further revolutionize payments and related industries.


Viewpoint: Cross-Border Payments Are Hot; Can You Handle the Heat?

Payments companies hoping to gain market share in the exploding cross-border payments market must be able to meet demands for security, customer service, low costs and simplicity.

Don Bush

Viewpoint: 3 Holiday Trends that Will Shape Your Fraud Strategy in 2017

As you consider a New Year’s resolution to improve fraud prevention in 2017, remember that implementing fraud prevention at the platform level not only protects your merchants, but actually helps you enhance growth and protect margins and profitability.


Viewpoint: How Bitcoin Technology Could Make Travel Better

Blockchain, the foundation for digital currency transactions, shows the potential to create better passenger ID and cut down on fraud targeted at airline loyalty programs.

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