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Don Bush

Viewpoint: 3 Holiday Trends that Will Shape Your Fraud Strategy in 2017

As you consider a New Year’s resolution to improve fraud prevention in 2017, remember that implementing fraud prevention at the platform level not only protects your merchants, but actually helps you enhance growth and protect margins and profitability.


Viewpoint: How Bitcoin Technology Could Make Travel Better

Blockchain, the foundation for digital currency transactions, shows the potential to create better passenger ID and cut down on fraud targeted at airline loyalty programs.

Render Dahiya

Three Implications Card Issuers Must Consider ahead of CFPB Prepaid Changes

Card issuers have only a few months to plan and implement the new CFPB rules. For card issuers looking to control costs and maintain more flexibility, now is the time to investigate on-demand card production and lean on the experts to ensure you meet the October 1, 2017 deadline.

Peter Read

Viewpoint: Prepaid’s Move to Help Canadian Businesses Break the Check Habit

All signs point to the rapid nationwide decline in check use being good for consumers, businesses and the financial system. Payments Canada forecasts that by 2020, virtually all checks written by businesses and governments in Canada will have migrated to electronic payments.


Viewpoint: Frictionless Payments: Will They Become a Mirage?

Regulations requiring two-factor authentication could force the industry to move away from frictionless payments experiences like Uber and one-click checkout.


Viewpoint: Combating Fraud with Teamwork

The IRS reports that there’s been a nearly 50 percent drop in fraudulent returns, and there has been significant progress in stopping fraudulent returns before refunds are ever paid, due in part to new information provided by industry and state partners.


Viewpoint: Tapping the Power of Prepaid

Prepaid will continue to be a key ingredient in bringing 2 billion people worldwide into the financial mainstream. But over the past five years, we’ve learned that public-private partnerships are mission-critical. And we’ve still got work to do.


Viewpoint: The Year in Review and a Look Ahead to 2017

The market is evolving from being dazzled by the flashy lights of innovation to buckling down and implementing plans to address the opportunities ahead. Emphasis is shifting from talking about the cool stuff to driving adoption of the most actionable innovations. Are you investing in the right trends?


Viewpoint: The Case for B2C Digital Payments

As consumers start using mobile to pay each other, it’s only natural that they’ll expect businesses to pay them that way, too. For those of us who serve corporate clients, enabling electronic payments to those mobile-centric consumers is a significant opportunity.


Viewpoint: Winning the Prepaid Loyalty Challenge Is about Financial Empowerment

Having achieved status as a “mainstream” financial services product, prepaid cards now must prove themselves indispensable to cardholders’ lives. To take prepaid to the next level, prepaid providers need to connect with and engage cardholders in ways that position the product as vital to their financial wellbeing.

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