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An Ant Can Teach A Big Lesson To U.S. FIs

Ant Financial created the world’s largest money market fund in four years by enabling mobile wallet users to move money to the fund simply within the mobile app. The program’s meteoric rise shows that consumers are willing to adopt financial services from new players and the mobile device can supercharge that consumer shift of assets if incumbents don’t react quickly enough.


Find Innovation in a Sandbox, Not in a Lab

For financial institutions lacking the deep pockets of the biggest competitors, investing their limited resources to develop disruptive payments solutions isn’t a viable option. Stated simply, you can never outspend the big guys. What you really need is a more effective weapon to level the playing field.


Tap into Consumer Habits to Create Sticky Prepaid Products

Designing products with staying power starts with understanding consumers and then adapting uses cases to solve their problems.


How Trump Can Really Reduce Compliance Burdens for U.S. Firms

If President Trump wants to make America great again, there are a few important ways he could bolster the fintech industry and help consumers—from supporting more uniform MSB licensing to reining in UDAAP.


Six Key Themes from Money20/20 Europe

After a frantic few days in Copenhagen for Money20/20 Europe, Paul Butterworth, strategic marketing director at Trustonic, used the time during his flight home to digest the discussions and presentations and come up with the key takeaways from the fintech event.


A Closer Look at the Future of Cash

No, cash is hardly sexy, not in this era of mobile payments, bitcoin and biometrics. But here’s some proof about its endurance.


Making the Case for More ACH

ACH payments are on course for exponential growth in the government sector, reducing costs for agencies and appealing to younger consumers.


Are Plastic Cards Headed for Extinction?

Probably not. Even so, the case for virtual prepaid accounts is growing stronger. A journey through the landscape—including a stop at a recent Apple conference—shows why.


Is Loyalty the New Currency?

Earning top-of-wallet privileges from consumers requires deeper thinking about the what, when, where, why and how of loyalty rewards. But the most important ingredient is simplicity.


Contactless Fraud Scare? Not So Fast.

Breathless reports point to a terrifying increase in U.K. contactless fraud. Dig a little deeper, however, and the story changes.