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A Closer Look at the Future of Cash

No, cash is hardly sexy, not in this era of mobile payments, bitcoin and biometrics. But here’s some proof about its endurance.


Making the Case for More ACH

ACH payments are on course for exponential growth in the government sector, reducing costs for agencies and appealing to younger consumers.


Are Plastic Cards Headed for Extinction?

Probably not. Even so, the case for virtual prepaid accounts is growing stronger. A journey through the landscape—including a stop at a recent Apple conference—shows why.


Is Loyalty the New Currency?

Earning top-of-wallet privileges from consumers requires deeper thinking about the what, when, where, why and how of loyalty rewards. But the most important ingredient is simplicity.


Contactless Fraud Scare? Not So Fast.

Breathless reports point to a terrifying increase in U.K. contactless fraud. Dig a little deeper, however, and the story changes.


Want to Fight Fraud? Join the Team—Literally

All payment providers and merchants grasp the dynamic nature of fraud. But fraud prevention requires more than the latest software and security protections—it requires active collaboration. Here’s why.


Letter from the Editor: Prepping for the Year’s Biggest Industry Event

I can scarcely believe we’re approaching the halfway point of 2017. But I can’t think of a better time for the year’s biggest prepaid industry event. On June 21-23, the NBPCA will host its sixth annual Power of Prepaid conference in Washington, D.C. The business of compliance—not to mention keeping up with technology trends—is keeping everyone on their toes, but it’s vital to stop and reflect with colleagues about the state of the industry and its future. It’s also critical to actually talk to those shaping the legislation and regulations that determine the rules of the road.


Innovation Day: Fast-Growing Prepaid Market Offers Rewards, Risks

New growth estimates for prepaid are encouraging to say the least, but providers gathering in London for the Prepaid International Forum’s annual Innovation Day said the industry must remain focused on compliance and the customer proposition to safeguard its success.


Gaining More Value from Mobile Payments

The right technology—the systems that encourage consumer loyalty and spending—do much more than speed up checkout. An expert explains why.


Mobile Wallets to Boost Convenience for EBT Recipients

Move over prepaid cards. Mobile wallets might be be able to solve for fraud and instant delivery of benefits better than any piece of plastic.