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Vroom, Vroom: Vehicles Accelerate the Future for Payments

A drive through the emerging landscape of in-vehicle transaction projects shows a wide variety of services that could appeal to consumers and push payments forward. But there’s still work to do before automakers are off to the races.


Not so Hot as a Commodity: Processing Tech Must Do More for Prepaid

Differentiation with new prepaid use cases is critical as the industry consolidates and change in the wider payments world and consumer behavior accelerate. Exploiting opportunities in the prepaid market demands a modern processing technology that supports new product road maps and the ability to adapt quickly.


Disrupting Payments for the Better at Mobile World Congress

A deep dive into a packed panel discussion on disruption at the annual conference shows how payments providers are mapping the future with new technology, and how traditional players can endure.


What Will Happen to the CFPB?

Republicans have never liked the agency, but so far, their efforts to reform it and reduce its power—or eliminate it altogether—have appeared scattershot. Echoing what a former Secretary of Defense once said: Here’s what we know and what we know we don’t know about the bureau’s future.


How to Fight Fraudsters without Losing Legitimate Customers

An analysis of a real fraud situation shows that some barriers to fraud can potentially drive away valuable customers. Here’s what to do—and not to do—when criminals target your cards.


More than Making Nice: Why Payments Execs Are Wooing Merchants

The payments industry invitation to merchants to play a bigger role in innovation seems serious and pragmatic, writes our senior editor, an e-commerce expert.


How to Make a Multigenerational Global Impact with Prepaid

With the worldwide prepaid market set to hit $3.1 trillion by 2022, providers need to have a firm handle on who those prepaid consumers will be, and how they will shop.


It’s Time to Rethink Service Level Agreements

SLAs provide various metrics upon which service is judged. But in many cases, those metrics—and the business expectations of deals—prove unrealistic and could lead to poor decisions and wasted money.


Investing in Innovation: Payoff ahead

We’re only six weeks into the New Year and already we’ve seen significant activity on the regulatory front in the U.S. and more to come in the U.K. and Europe. Meanwhile, many of the other trends we identified as ones to watch in our Year-in-Review report—bots, blockchain and co-opetition—have been dominating the headlines (along with some major acquisitions). Are you investing in the right places?


Viewpoint: Why Better Payments Security Requires More Sharing

When payment systems come under attack, the broad retail and service economies suffer. That’s why legal concerns and information-sharing programs need to be reexamined.