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Industry Views: Will Fintech Cause the Next Financial Crisis?

A recent opinion piece in Bloomberg suggested that the next financial crisis could spring from Silicon Valley instead of Wall Street. Payments experts weigh in on the analysis and offer their own two cents on fintech, innovation, regulation and risk.


Poll Results: Prepaid and Air Miles Rewards

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Poll Results: Catalysts for Innovation

FinovateSpring highlighted some of the key developments in payments. What do you think will be the biggest catalysts for payments innovation in the next five years?


Poll Results: Strategic Priorities

What is your company’s No. 1 strategic priority? Our Paybefore.com readers respond.


Industry Views: Trump’s First 100 Days

Trying to predict what President Trump is going to focus on is a little bit like trying to figure out which horse is going to win the Kentucky Derby, as one compliance expert notes. Despite talk of dismantling Dodd-Frank, only one of the president’s more than 30 executive orders since he took office on Jan. 20 relates specifically to financial services. And the White House has several priorities competing for attention.


Poll Results: CFPB Prepaid Accounts Rule Deadline

What do you think the effective date of the CFPB’s final rule on prepaid accounts will be? Our Paybefore.com visitors weigh in.


Poll Results: Fintech Hub

What is the global hub for fintech? Our Paybefore.com readers respond.


Poll Results: Incentives for Mobile Wallets

New research says consumers need incentives to use mobile wallets. Which ones will work best?


Poll Results: Targeting Millennials

Millennials and younger consumers are getting a lot of attention from payments providers. What are you doing to target millennials?


Poll Results: Will the CFPB’s Prepaid Rule Be Repealed?

Congress is considering a joint resolution to repeal the rule, which was released last year. If that happens, what will be the result? Our readers respond.