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Spotlight on Companies


Innovators’ Spotlight: SPENT Money

Rather than being top of wallet, SPENT Money wants to help consumers manage and earn rewards from what’s already there—at least for now.


Top 5 Best Challenger Banks: Spotlight Profiles

Our Top 5 Challenger Bank spotlight series is complete. Get to know the challengers—Cashplus, Varo Money, Revolut, Capital on Tap and Fidor Bank—looking to shake up the status quo with tech and a superior customer experience.


Top 5 Best Challenger Banks: Fidor Bank

Our final spotlight article for our Top 5 Best Challenger Banks list is the only actual bank in the bunch. See how Germany-based Fidor Bank stacks up against the high street banks and its nonbank competitors.


Top 5 Best Challenger Banks: Cashplus

Meet our No. 1 on the Top 5 Best Challenger Banks list and find out why CEO Rich Wagner says the company belongs there.


Top 5 Best Challenger Banks: Varo Money

“There’s a reason that the bank of the future hasn’t been created yet—it’s extremely difficult,” says Top 5 Best Challenger Bank Varo Money. See if you think they’ve got what it takes to rise to the challenge.


Top 5 Best Challenger Banks: Capital on Tap

Get to know the SME lending specialist that’s challenging U.K. high street banks by providing zero percent interest when balances are paid in full within 37 days.


Q&A with Mobey Forum’s ED Maikki Frisk

Six months after coming on board to lead the digital financial services trade association, Maikki Frisk talks about how to drive mobile payments adoption, the implications of Brexit and PSD2, and the ultimate importance of a good user experience.


Top 5 Best Challenger Banks: Revolut

Last month, we asked Paybefore.com visitors to vote for the Best Challenger Banks—the ones shaking up the status quo with a legit chance to become consumers’ preferred accounts, not just a stepping stone to the big banks. For the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing our spotlight articles on these challengers. First up is Revolut.


EML Goes Global with Next-Gen Mall Cards, Gaming Payouts

More than a year into the merger with Australia-based EMerchants Limited, former Store Financial CEO Eric Mettemeyer, who now leads EML’s North America division, spoke with Paybefore about the company’s global efforts to expand beyond single-load gift and the greenfield in payout cards, gaming and more.


Vote for the Best Challenger Banks

Vote for the challenger banks (licensed or not) that should make Paybefore’s top 5 Best Challenger Banks list. Share your opinions through Aug. 1. The top 5 vote-getters will be profiled on Paybefore.com.