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Spotlight on Companies

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Innovators’ Spotlight: AuthenticID

Social media has made it simple for criminals to get their hands on everything from your pet’s name to the model of your first car. Add to that what seem like daily data breaches of sensitive information, and it’s not all that difficult for fraudsters to pretend to be legit customers. Enter AuthenticID, an Atlanta-based authentication specialist that combines government-issued ID information with facial recognition.


Innovators’ Spotlight: PaySwag

Retailers have long recognized the importance of customer engagement to drive sales and retain customers. But Reno, Nev.-based PaySwag is proving the power of engagement to improve results in a somewhat unexpected sector—bill payments.


Q&A with Emily Baum, Prepaid International Forum

The Prepaid International Forum (PIF) is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2016. Emily Baum, a non-executive board member of the forum and business development director of PrePay Solutions, tells Paybefore more about PIF, where the 23-member group is headed and how the industry is responding to calls for increased prepaid regulation following the Paris terrorist attacks.


Innovators’ Spotlight: Poynt

Electronic payment options for consumers are proliferating, and shoppers expect merchants to accept the full gamut of form factors. But for retailers—especially small and midsize enterprises (SMEs)—it can be tough to keep up. That’s where Poynt comes in.


Innovators’ Spotlight: Zebit Inc.

Companies have long sought to crack the credit conundrum of millions of financially underserved Americans, who have jobs and earn regular income but have difficulty obtaining credit and saving money for large or unexpected purchases. A new entrant in the space is La Jolla, Calif.-based Zebit Inc., which offers zero-interest financing for purchases without credit checks, fees or penalties.


Innovators’ Spotlight: Stratos Inc.

Combining the convenience of a card and the power of mobile for a best-of-both-worlds payment experience

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Innovators’ Spotlight: Flywire

Making international tuition payments simple and cost-effective—and eyeing new cross-border verticals


Innovators’ Spotlight: YapStone

After working for more than a decade to end the dominance of paper checks in the property rental industry, payments specialist YapStone has set its sights on bringing its electronic payments platform to global online marketplaces and new verticals.


Innovators’ Spotlight: Mozido

If you’re tracking the hottest topics in payments, watch Mozido. Over the past several months, the Austin, Texas-based mobile wallet provider has been investing, hiring and expanding in sync with the most important industry trends.


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