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Mobile Wallets to Boost Convenience for EBT Recipients

Move over prepaid cards. Mobile wallets might be be able to solve for fraud and instant delivery of benefits better than any piece of plastic.


Vacation Savings Plan, Prepaid Card Help Employees Get Away

It’s vacation season, and employers have a new tool to encourage employees to take much-needed time off and come back more productive. 401Play is offering what it calls a vacation savings account program with a companion Capital Prepaid Services’ BlazePays Visa Prepaid Card to help employees save for vacation.


Prepaid Vets’ New Gifting Play Targets Underserved Merchants

With retailers of all sizes seeking to harness the power of omnichannel gift cards to drive revenue and engage customers, a pair of prepaid industry veterans have formed a new company aimed at helping midsize merchants expand gift cards sales. Dubbed nthCard, the company is the brainchild of Wayne Chatham—a serial prepaid entrepreneur who most recently served as CEO of Card Compliant—and fellow industry veteran John Bechard.


India Meal Vouchers Go Digital: Paytm, Zeta Launch Electronic Alternatives

Competition in the corporate meal voucher market in India is heating up as providers are launching alternatives to paper vouchers, which the Reserve Bank of India will no longer allow beyond 2017. Among them is online commerce platform Paytm and electronic payments provider Zeta.


Acquisitions Drive Record Start for Meta’s Tax Business

Meta Financial Group’s heavy investment in the tax refund space is paying dividends, with the company’s MetaBank subsidiary originating a record $1.26 billion in interest-free tax advance loans between Dec. 12, 2016, and Feb. 28, 2017—up from less than $100 million in advance loans during last year’s tax season, according to the parent company.


New Blackhawk Program Offers Same-Day Rebates for Utility Customers

Capitalizing on consumer demand for cashback rewards, Blackhawk Network has launched a new rebate processing solution that helps utility service providers offer a rebate consumers can receive on the same day of service via prepaid card.


PayPal’s New Pal Is its First Payments Bot

PayPal has a new pal—namely its first bot that enables Slack users to move and manage their money in a conversational and casual style. The PayPal bot is available to 5 million Slack users in Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the U.S.


Carmakers Are Showing Love to Payments, but How Far Can this Trend Go?

Not content with simply getting people from points A to B anymore, carmakers recently have been diving into mobile wallets and parking and payment apps, not only through partnerships but through acquisitions. The trend seems likely to gain speed in the coming year but there remain questions about how far automotive firms can go with payments, and what constitutes the best path.


New App Aims to Provide ‘Clarity’ to Personal Finances

Data analytics and artificial intelligence are on nearly everyone’s 2017 trend-watch lists, but Clarity Money wants to put those same tools directly into consumers hands with an app it says will improve financial well-being and increase users’ financial literacy.


Meta Financial Group Makes another Tax-Refund Move

MetaBank has finalized its purchase of a tax refund loan company, the latest in a series of acquisitions to give Meta a larger foothold in the tax services space.