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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paybefore?
Paybefore is a leading B2B media brand for the payments and retail industries with a focus on prepaid, payments technology, commerce and loyalty.

Which media properties does Paybefore own?
Paybefore’s properties include: the Paybefore.com online portal; Pay News, Pay Gov, Pay Op-Ed and Pay Week e-newsletters; Pay Magazineand Pay Connect B2B payments directory.

Paybefore also recognizes the best in payments with its yearly Pay Awards juried competition.

How frequently is content updated?
Paybefore.com typically is updated daily. In addition, we offer free e-newsletters throughout the business week, including Pay News (3 times/week), Pay Week (every Friday), Pay Gov (20 times/year) and Pay Op-Ed (20 times/year). Sign up to receive our free e-newsletters. Articles featured in the e-newsletters are posted on Paybefore.com. Pay Magazine, our full-color digital flipbook with in-depth articles and Viewpoints, is published on our Website twice a year. And, companies update their listings on Pay Connect on a regular basis.

Are Paybefore and the Paybefore family of properties affiliated with any other publications?
Paybefore is an independent media and information services organization with the mission of providing in-depth, meaningful news and pertinent information to professionals in the payments industry. The Paybefore suite of media properties is autonomous of all other periodicals and publishing entities.

How do I make content suggestions?
Our editorial team places the utmost importance upon providing you content that makes a difference to your business and allows you to remain competitive. We welcome your suggestions about how we can improve our content. Please email us your ideas for coverage to info@paybefore.com.

Do I have to pay to subscribe to Paybefore?
No! Paybefore is available without a subscription, allowing free and unlimited access to all Paybefore articles on our Website, including our digital Pay Magazine—without an annual fee or a log-in. In addition, readers can sign up to receive all of our free e-newsletters.

Can I advertise on Paybefore properties?
Paybefore offers integrated sponsorships across all of its media properties as well as advertising opportunities for any media property. Our media kit provides an overview of these opportunities as well as ad specs. For more information regarding sponsorship or advertising, please email Paybefore at info@paybefore.com.

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