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InComm OLS, NBS Fuel Gift Card Growth with Gas Pump Integration

Consumers now will be able to use some gift cards to pay at the pump, thanks to a partnership with On-Line Strategies Services LLC (InComm OLS), a wholly owned subsidiary of InComm, and National Bankcard Services (NBS).

InComm OLS has integrated its switch technology with NBS to provide specialized fuel gift card processing at the gas pump for participating retailers.

Transactions at the pump differ from point-of-sale transactions because of the preauthorization needed to enable a consumer to pick up the pump and begin fueling. This required InComm OLS and NBS to create specific programing through InComm’s switch technology that would ensure the consumer “a seamless payment experience while also providing the retailer a cost-effective way to corner this niche of the market,” according to an announcement set to go out tomorrow.

NBS, which is headquartered in Plymouth, Minn., offers transaction processing solutions for convenience stores, travel centers and unattended cardlock sites. The company processes more than 1 billion transactions annually at more than 50,000 sites across North America.

InComm OLS, which is based in Dallas, says it will be working to expand the technology to more retailers.

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