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M-Wallet Roundup: Apple Pay, ANZ, CaixaBank, Starling, Samsung


It’s been a busy week for mobile wallet partnerships. Several companies announced deals to offer mobile wallets to their customers in the U.K., Australia and Europe.

ANZ is rolling out Samsung Pay to customers in Australia. The bank says it’s the only major Australian bank to offer customers four mobile payment services across both Android and iOS devices. It also offers Apple Pay, Android Pay and its proprietary ANZ Mobile Pay.

Meanwhile U.K. challenger Starling Bank is offering Apple Pay to its customers and claims to be the first bank in the U.K. to offer in-app provisioning. That means new Starling customers will be able to load their cards into their digital wallets with a press of a button before the physical MasterCard Debit Card arrives in the mail.

Spanish CaixaBank also said it will offer Apple Pay to customers of CaixaBank and imaginBank later this year.

“We firmly believe that Apple Pay is a shining example of how banks can work with the tech industry to develop new services that benefit customers,” said CaixaBank’s Managing Director Juan Alcaraz. “Apple Pay represents a step forward in CaixaBank’s commitment to mobile payments, enhancing an offering that is utterly unique in the market thanks to a combination of technology and the development of pioneering services that focus on providing the best user experience.”

The announcement follows news earlier this month that CaixaBank, Global Payments Inc., Samsung, Visa and Arval, have joined together to create The Payment Innovation Hub in Barcelona.

One of the hub’s main goals is to open R&D projects to partnership with third-party companies (startups, SMEs and major corporations) and organizations, according to a release.

A €5 million (US$5.76 million) investment has been earmarked over the next three years to get the hub up and running.

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