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Starling Bank Expands with Business Accounts

Starling Bank, one of the first banking challengers to offer a mobile-only current account in the U.K., is expanding into the business market, reports Banking Technology (Paybefore’s sister publication).

The Starling for Business account initially will be for entrepreneurs, sole-traders and small business owners. The aim is to offer “fast, secure and flexible” ways of managing business finance from mobile devices.

Like Starling’s current account, its business account will be free to set up and start using. Customers will have access to same-day setup, 24/7 customer service and a link to the Marketplace for invoicing and accounting services. Transactions also may be categorized for expenses and accounts.

Features such as payment services, including real-time Faster Payments and international payments, also will be available.

“A huge group of people exist who need more than a personal current account but aren’t quite a small business,” says Anne Boden, CEO and founder of Starling Bank. “This is what we are hoping to solve here by developing Starling for business.”

The service initially will open to a closed group of testers toward the end of 2017 although registration for interested customers is now open ahead of the early 2018 launch.

Registered customers will be able to share and discuss the features and any they would want added during the testing phase.

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