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Wirecard Helps Austrian Federal Railways Go Digital

Austrian commuters with a sweet tooth may be able to save some money on their next train or bus fare thanks to Wirecard’s new digital voucher platform and a partnership between Austrian Federal Railways (Österreichische Bundesbahnen, ÖBB) and Toffifee candymaker Storck.

Following a payments processing collaboration between Wirecard and ÖBB that began last year, the companies are expanding their partnership to include the digital voucher platform for issuing and accepting vouchers.

ÖBB is putting the digital platform to use with the confectionery company Storck. Through October, approximately 1.2 million Toffifee campaign packs will have an ÖBB voucher code worth €5 (US$5.97) on the inside of the packaging. Customers have until Dec. 20, 2017, to redeem these vouchers when booking travel. Redemption is possible both online and in the ÖBB app.

ÖBB, which had a record 461 million passengers on its trains and busses in 2016, is using Wirecard’s new voucher platform to make its quality service “more comprehensive and technically innovative.” Its customers now can combine various payment methods and use them in one sales transaction. Both vouchers and credit cards can be handled in one process online using a single transaction ID, according to an announcement.

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