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Pocket Money Capital Partners with DCR Strategies to Offer Flexible MasterCard Prepaid Payroll Card

Press Release

The Pocket Money Program allows for the automatic distribution of payroll funds to thousands of employees and subcontractors at the click of a button.

Mississauga, Ontario — May 10, 2017 — DCR Strategies Inc. (DCR),  a leading provider of prepaid card and loyalty solutions across North America, has partnered with Pocket Money Capital (PMC) to launch the Pocket Money Capital Mastercard prepaid card.

The Pocket Money Capital Prepaid Mastercard replaces outdated check-based payment systems with a user-friendly online process that automatically distributes payroll funds to thousands of employees and subcontractors using the Pocket Money Card. The card is an extremely convenient alternative to traditional remuneration methods and can be implemented across multiple Pocket Money Programs. PMC specializes in developing and implementing fully customizable compensation and reimbursement programs for contractors and employers. Due to the flexibility and customized nature of their core-business, PMC required a payment vehicle that was equally adaptable and provided multiple payment options.

The Pocket Money Capital Prepaid Mastercard offers added security, convenience and cost savings for PMC, their clients, as well as cardholders. Using the flexible prepaid card, PMC now offers reloadable payments without having to issue multiple checks on an ongoing basis. The card can be loaded with funds instantly, as often as needed, with any amount (subject to card limits), while at home or abroad. The card also acts as an ideal budgeting or expense tool, since cardholders can never withdraw/use more than the available balance on the card. As a highly convenient alternative, the card is used across various PMC compensation and reimbursement programs for contractors and employers.

“We are pleased to partner with PMC to help them bring value-added benefits to their clients,” says Diana Fletcher, president, DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash. “The TruCash Prepaid Card program is such a useful payment solution for payroll companies like Pocket Money Capital. In addition to streamlining the entire process and making it more cost effective, there are also numerous benefits for the employees and contractors who receive their salaries or other financial compensation through PMC. No matter where they are located, they now have instant access to their funds, without the need for a bank account or having to rely on cheque cashing services.”

“Pocket Money Capital specializes in creating custom-tailored remuneration programs for companies and employers with expanding workforces. The Pocket Money Capital prepaid card program, powered by our partners at TruCash, is one of the most convenient and cost effective alternatives to the traditional reimbursement model,” says Loren Shifrin, CEO, Pocket Money Capital. “Our programs are created to fulfil the specific needs of our clientele, and by partnering with TruCash, we are now able to provide our customers with the flexibility and convenience their employees and contractors need.”

The Pocket Money Program allows both employers and cardholders 24-hour access to monitor and administer the flow of their capital. The system has been created with the end-user in mind, ensuring an exceptional customer experience. The card is marketed to contractors and employers to streamline payroll and payment processes for staffing agencies with workforces of five to five thousand.

About Pocket Money Capital, Inc.

Pocket Money Capital, through its partnerships with other fantastic service providers, gives companies the tools they need to manage their workforce, implement adequate payroll and reimbursement procedures, and create competitive advantages by offering employee benefits unmatched by the competition.

About DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash

DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash, www.dcrstrategies.com, is market leading provider of prepaid products for governments and businesses. Our product portfolio includes reward and incentive-based prepaid cards, sales incentives, virtual rewards, loyalty and funds disbursement. Founded in 2005, DCR Strategies Inc. has aimed to provide superior financial solutions to its clients. In the process, DCR has become a market leader in the prepaid industry and has won several awards including Paybefore’s Best Government-Funded Prepaid Program and Best Consumer Program. DCR developed the first real-time loyalty points-to-cash redemption program for prepaid cards, allowing cardholders to earn points while shopping and redeem for cash rewards.

About MasterCard

MasterCard (NYSE:MA), www.mastercard.com, is a technology company in the global payments industry. We operate the world’s fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories. MasterCard’s products and solutions make everyday commerce activities – such as shopping, traveling, running a business and managing finances – easier, more secure and more efficient for everyone.

Image Credits: DCR Strategies Inc./Pocket Money Capital

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