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American Express

Contact: Carolyn Shapiro
Title: VP, Acquisition
Phone: +1 617.852.6463
250 Hudson St., 6th Fl.
New York, NY 10013
United States

Renowned for its financial security, customer service, and product quality and range, American Express can help businesses reward performance, improve sales results and enhance marketing promotions. American Express’ single-load and reloadable prepaid product solutions are available to meet your business needs:

Employee Rewards & Recognition. Show employees that hard work never goes unnoticed. Cards come in a variety of business-themed designs that recognize business accomplishments, excellence or serve as a simple thank-you. Unlike some others, American Express Gift Cards have no fees after purchase, making them 100 percent gift, 0 percent fee.

Sales Force Incentive Programs. Incent internal or external sales staff to surpass goals, sign new deals or reward above-and-beyond efforts with the reloadable and customizable American Express Reward Card. American Express can help develop a comprehensive sales incentive program that fits any business’s needs.

Consumer Incentive Programs. American Express Reward Cards can be customized to complement any business’s marketing campaign. These cards provide cost-effective solutions that enable larger, more robust incentives to be returned to the customers. Build customer loyalty with reward cards as part of your consumer incentive program.