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Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Contact: Robin McLaurin
Title: SVP, Card Marketing Manager
Phone: +1 980.388.9743
13510 Ballantyne Corporate Place
Charlotte, NC 28277
United States

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is a leading provider of card solutions. Our prepaid card solutions offer corporate, government and higher education entities in the U.S. a faster, easier and more secure way to make many types of disbursements, while giving recipients faster access to their funds. Organizations may benefit by reducing costs, lowering financial liability from lost/stolen checks and streamlining the disbursement administration process. Employees or benefit recipients enjoy getting their funds more quickly and in a more convenient manner. In addition, prepaid cards can be used to offer incentives, rewards or rebates to employees or customers.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch offers our clients an array of prepaid card solutions, including the CashPay Payroll Card, government and higher education prepaid cards, Visa Reward Card, Supply Shelf Card for teachers’ supply needs and commercial prepaid cards for multiple business disbursement types. We continue to expand our prepaid portfolio to meet the unique needs for various industries.

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