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Blackhawk Network Inc.

Contact: Teri Llach
Title: CMO
Phone: +1 925.226.9990
6220 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Pleasanton, CA 94588
United States

Blackhawk Network Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: HAWK) is a leading prepaid and payments global company that supports the program management and distribution of gift cards, prepaid telecom products and financial service products in a number of different retail, digital and incentive channels. Through Blackhawk’s digital platform, the company supports prepaid products across a growing network of digital distribution partners, including leading retailers, financial service providers, social apps, mobile wallets and other integrated physical-to-digital channels.

GiftCardMall.com is the official web site for the popular gift card destinations operated by Blackhawk Network in more than 180,000 retail stores nationwide.