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Ingo Money

Contact: Youri Bebic
Title: EVP, Business & Product Development
Phone: +1 214.714.0060
623 Holcomb Bridge Rd.
Roswell, GA 30076
United States

Deposit is Out. Instant is Ingo.

Lots of companies have been making payments faster, easier and more secure. We do that for deposits. We take the delay and risk out of checks—millions and millions of them—so people can get their money in minutes, as good as cash and safe to spend, and put it any place they want it:

  • Instant deposits to debit card, prepaid card and PayPal accounts
  • Instant payments to bank and private-label credit cards
  • Instant access to cash at the ATM

No deposit holds. No returned checks. No take-backs. No worries.

Ingo Money mobile check cashing, operated with First Century Bank N.A., is the nation’s only consumer-direct mobile check cashing service, with funds delivered to consumer accounts via real-time payment network transactions. With customizable mobile apps and SDK and API integration options, Ingo Money distributes its service nationally through banks, financial services firms and almost every prepaid card provider in the market.

Enable your network with Ingo Money and be a part of the deposit revolution.

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