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Pay Connect Categories

Standard (free) listings are posted in one category; premier listings are featured in up to four relevant categories.

Acquirers, Processors, PSPs: Payment Services Providers and other specialized businesses that support prepaid transaction processing and related activities.

Benefits & Payroll: Disbursement products for state, federal or employee benefits, including assistance, unemployment insurance, transit, and health and wellness cards (FSA, HSA, HRAs), as well as payroll.

Card Manufacturing & Fulfillment: Organizations offering card design, manufacturing, personalization, forms, materials, packaging and fulfillment.

Consulting Services: Companies with a wide range of expertise in various aspects of prepaid and payments.

Customer Service: Businesses that handle telephone, IVR, Web and customer-facing support for payments companies.

Finance & Investment Firms: Companies that provide funding/investment or deliver M&A or financial advisory services.

Fraud, Risk & Security: Organizations involved in payments security and risk management, including PCI, KYC and AML compliance.

Government Agencies: Regulators and government agencies with an impact on the prepaid and payments industry.

Hardware, Terminals, POS Suppliers: Providers of terminals and other equipment that enable functionality, services or processes.

Industry Associations: Trade associations and membership organizations for the prepaid and payments industry.

Issuers: Organizations, often financial institutions, responsible for issuing prepaid products and ensuring compliance with a variety of laws and regulations.

Legal Services: Law firms with a specialty in prepaid and payments.

Marketing & Promotions: Companies providing marketing, advertising, public relations, graphic design and/or promotional products for the prepaid and payments industry.

Merchants & Brands: Retail and online sales companies as well as branded products/services (such as clothing and hospitality) in the prepaid and payments arena.

Mobile Payments/Bill Pay Providers: Businesses that provide back-end mobile payment and/or bill payment support for the prepaid environment or enable prepaid product access via the mobile channel.

MSBs, Load/Reload, Distribution: Card resellers and companies supporting gift card malls, activation services, and load/reload functionality as well as Money Services Businesses (MSBs) that convert/transmit money.

Networks: Companies providing a network of issuing banks and acquiring banks that process payment cards of a specific brand. Also includes ATM networks.

Program Managers: Companies that provide a range of services that enable delivery and distribution of prepaid/payments products.

Recruiters: Organizations that provide job candidates to businesses specifically for the prepaid and payments industry.

Research & Analytics: Companies that provide information and analysis for the prepaid and payments industry.

Reward, Incentive, Loyalty: Companies that handle rewards, incentive, promotions and loyalty programs.

Software & Developer Tools: Companies that develop APIs, SaaS, PaaS, middleware and other tools to enable payments functionality, services or processes.

White Label: Companies that offer payment products developed to be rebranded by other businesses.


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