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paysafecard.com Wertkarten GmbH

Contact: Udo Mueller
Title: CEO
Phone: +43 1.720.838.011
Am Euro Platz 2
Vienna, 1102

paysafecard is one of the world’s leading prepaid solutions for paying online. paysafecard is available in 41 countries at 500,000+ sales outlets and can be used in thousands of online shops worldwide. By using a 16-digit paysafecard PIN, customers can pay quickly, simply and safely online, as if paying in cash. paysafecard is the perfect solution for customers who value their data security, wish to limit their spending or don’t have a credit card.

paysafecard, a Paysafe company, has received numerous awards over the years. These include Paybefore Awards in the categories of Best Digital Currency, Best Virtual or Digital Program, Top Digital Dollars and in 2015, Consumer Value. paysafecard also has won Paybefore Awards Europe in the categories of Most Innovative Prepaid Solution and Consumer Champion. In 2014, The New Economy recognized paysafecard as one of the 40 most innovative companies of 2013.

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