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PrePaid Ventures Ltd.

Contact: Richard Graub
Title: VP, Business Development
Phone: +1 516.653.2440
P.O. Box 307
New Hyde Park, NY 11042
United States

PrePaid Ventures Ltd. is one of the leading processors of prepaid debit card and program management solutions in the U.S. Integrating cutting-edge technology and decades of financial experience, PrePaid Ventures offers an innovative partnership to businesses looking to grow. PrePaid Ventures can help merchants who look to give their consumers excellent debit card service and unrivaled customer support. PrePaid Ventures protects merchants by monitoring fraud and risk, and provides consistent and useful consultative services. PrePaid Ventures is dedicated to a relentless pursuit of leveraging technology to create efficiencies in the marketplace. Visit our Website to learn more about the future of financial services.