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Blackhawk Network Takes Lotto Tickets Mobile

The chance to win big is going mobile. Using live ticket technology from Linq3, Blackhawk Network will give grocery shoppers the ability to purchase mobile-enabled tickets for big jackpot games, such as Powerball and Mega Millions, in the checkout line.

Shoppers will be able to activate their purchases via text and have their lottery numbers delivered in real time to a mobile phone with text and picture messaging capability. Shoppers also will be able to track their results virtually and have most prizes paid electronically.

Lottery technology provider Linq3 and Blackhawk Network, a financial technology company with a retail partner network of 244,000 locations across 26 countries, have entered into an exclusive partnership to bring the mobile-enabled lottery tickets to grocery shoppers.

The program is subject to individual state lottery approval and is expected be available in select states at participating grocery retailers starting in late 2017, the companies said.

“[Live ticket technology] simplifies the lottery purchasing path, which is expected to make this a more popular choice among retailers’ customers,”said David Tate, Blackhawk Network senior vice president, U.S. business.

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