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GPS Goes for Luxury Payments with Wearables for Armillion

Pay Award-winning Global Processing Services (GPS) this week announced an agreement with luxury jewelry brand Armillion to incorporate contactless payment technology into its exclusive high-end bracelets.

GPS partnered with program manager Intercash manager to bring Armillion to market with its contactless payment-enabled jewelry.

Swiss-based Armillion create limited edition handcrafted bracelets finished in gold or titanium and can enable contactless payments up to €200,000.

GPS Chief Commercial Officer Neil Harris described the project as a “ground-breaking innovation in payments” and “yet another example of how contactless payments are evolving to support the lifestyle of even the most discerning consumers.”

GPS also works with Kerv on its contactless ring.

Wearables are having a bit of a resurgence, with several fitness tracker makers embedding payment capabilities in their products. A recent poll of Paybefore readers found watches No. 1 for making payments.

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