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Green Dot and Uber Expand Debit Card Payments for Drivers

traffic_light_greenGreen Dot and Uber on Aug. 16 expanded the Instant Pay option that enables Uber drivers to quickly get their earnings via debit cards.

The expansion builds upon the launch earlier this year of Instant Pay through Green Dot’s Pay Award-winning GoBank mobile checking account, via a special GoBank Uber debit card. Announced in March, Instant Pay initially was piloted in a few markets, including San Francisco, before the national launch in June.

Now the ride-hailing service and Green Dot have expanded the “partnership to bring the flexibility of real-time payments to nearly any U.S. debit card,” according to Uber. “This partnership marries Green Dot’s technology, banking and payments capabilities in an innovative way to give Uber driver-partners the flexibility to receive their pay instantly to nearly any Mastercard, Visa or Discover debit cards including prepaid debit cards and debit cards associated with traditional checking and savings accounts.”

Instant Pay operates via Green Dot Network’s real-time payment disbursement and Mastercard Send technologies. Drivers sign up and transfer their earnings to debit cards via the Uber app.

Earlier this month, Green Dot CEO Steve Streit said Uber Debit from GoBank account has registered more than 80,000 drivers and advanced more than $80 million in wages to GoBank accounts so far.

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