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MoneyGram Expands MobilePass to 35,000+ Locations

The U.S.’s No. 2 remittance provider is expanding its MoneyGram MobilePass service to its entire U.S. network of 35,000 agent locations.

Initially launched as a pilot program inside more than 3,000 U.S. agent locations last year, MoneyGram MobilePass enables customers to initiate a transaction on their mobile devices or online and complete the transaction at any MoneyGram agent location in the U.S.

“Innovation is at the core of our business and the ability to fuse digital solutions with a strong physical network of agent locations around the world sets MoneyGram apart from our competitors,” says Pete Ohser, MoneyGram’s head of revenue for the Americas and Europe.

The MoneyGram MobilePass app in English is available for Apple devices. It’s also available in English and Spanish for Android devices.

MoneyGram, whose board accepted an acquisition bid from Chinese mobile payments powerhouse Ant Financial in April, also provides its remittance services via kiosks, moneygram.com and a “send to account” digital service. The Ant Financial acquisition is still pending regulatory approval, but it’s just one of many international moves from Ant Financial and its Alipay subsidiary, which has partnered with Starbucks, Yelp and First Data in recent months.

Traditional remittance providers are facing a bevy of fintech challengers looking to offer cheaper, faster cross-border payments. The Ant Financial acquisition could help MoneyGram fend off the startups by increasing its digital footprint through Alipay and its significant international partners.

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