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Barcode Payments Spread across Africa with M-vendr, PiP iT

M-vendr, a U.K.-based tech company with a POS pay-in system across 12 African nations, has signed an agreement with international cash payments platform PiP iT to integrate the latter’s barcodes across its network of 45,000 merchant locations.

The partnership will enable to the two companies to offer cross-border cash bill pay, bank  lodgements, e-wallet loading and cash-on-delivery payments for online shopping.

Intra-African cash remittance is one of the most expensive remittances in the world, according to a PiP iT announcement. “With our bill pay partners, such as Zympay and the M-vendr platform, we will be able to offer cross-border bill pay in cash. This will be at a significant saving for the individual.”

What’s more, migrant workers will be able to receive wages to their PayAfrique wallet and then make transfers to their domestic bank through cash lodgement. This service is linked to 130 banks in Africa. With PiP iT, cash also may be loaded to e-wallets such as QwikPay that partner First Global Data are launching next month in Nigeria.

The partnership also will enable cash-on-delivery for online shoppers. With PiP iT’s e-commerce module, individuals also will be able to pay with cash in advance using a barcode at M-vendr agents. “This has 100 percent accessibility and also is at no risk to the merchant. There is no fraud risk for either the merchant (no charge backs) or the consumer,” Pip iT says.

The countries covered by the M-vendr network are Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia, South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The first countries to go live will be South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mozambique and Nigeria in Q4 of 2017.

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