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Consumers Are Open to Payment Innovation, But First Improve Existing Tools

Retail transactions promise to become more vocal and mobile in 2017, according to a new U.K. survey report. Even so, the mainstreaming of chat bots and other new tools appears a while off, given the relatively low level of awareness enjoyed by those innovative technologies.

When it comes to expectations for digital technology in 2017, about 44 percent of respondents crave improvements to the products and tools they already use, while 35 percent desire more responsive customer service and better information about their digital tools, with nearly 31 percent seeking more innovative experiences. That’s according to a report from Manchester-based digital agency Code Computerlove.

Nearly 15 percent of U.K. consumers said they are interested this year in employing “screen-less or simple ordering using products like Amazon Dash buttons,” according to the report. In its survey of 1,000 adult consumers, 59 percent of respondents had not heard of such technologies and only 2.1 percent had actually tried it.

A less severe split came from technology such as Apple Siri and Amazon Echo that enables consumers to shop via voice commands. Nearly 25 percent of respondents said they are interested in using those tools in 2017, with 26 percent reporting they had not yet heard of such technology, and 13.4 percent saying they had already used it.

The survey report also found that 32.1 percent of respondents are interested in using their mobile devices to pay for goods and services this year. Only 11 percent had not heard of doing that, and 16.8 percent had already done so.

Meanwhile, 14.4 percent of respondents are interested in using chat bots or emojis to order goods. Nearly 59 percent of respondents have yet to hear of this technology—which is being embraced by the likes of PayPal—and only 2.4 percent have tried it.

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