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Verifone Pumps up Mobile Payments at Gas Stations

Petrol-Pump_gas_fuel_iconVerifone said Oct. 18 that it had adopted and deployed a new mobile API standard designed to better tie together payment and loyalty applications for customers at gas stations and convenience stores.

Developed with the help of Conexxus, a non-profit organization that focuses on standards and technologies for gas stations and convenience stores, the open API (application programming interface) will lead to “mobile payment [products] across a wide variety of applications including retail branded apps and direct ACH payment at the pump with community banks,” Verifone said. It added that the API will help prevent the spread of proprietary payment systems that would find little traction among consumers.

“Further proliferation of closed solutions would have added significant technology complexity and support costs for retailers, making it difficult for them to select and deploy mobile solutions that best suit their needs,” said Dan Yienger, senior vice president and general manager of Verifone’s global petroleum business. “Verifone’s commitment to simplifying and enabling commerce is why we collaborated with our peers and Conexxus to set Mobile API standards for the industry as a whole.”

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