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“Paybefore is instrumental in helping to keep us up to date with the fast-moving changes in prepaid.”

Karen Garrett, Partner, Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP


“The staff at Paybefore ‘gets’ prepaid, so I get the news and insights I need quickly and accurately—without wading through information I don’t need.”

Jeremy Doak, Director of Marketing, Edenred USA


“Paybefore is a terrific and informative resource for all things prepaid.”

David Douglas Stone, CEO and Co-Founder, CashStar Inc.


“Paybefore is a must for our clients and a key component of our marketing communications mix. It helps us reach decision makers, stay abreast of what’s going on in the industry, and it provides a great venue for showcasing our clients’ products and know-how. Being in Paybefore puts our clients on the prepaid radar.”

Juan Sanchez, President, JTS Communications

“Paybefore has evolved into my go-to source for prepaid industry facts, covering virtually all aspects of the market’s development—from legal, regulatory and technical requirements to industry leadership and trendsetters.”

John MacAllister, Principal, Dorado Industries


“As executive recruiters in the cards and payments industry, Paybefore helps everyone at our firm remain up to date on industry news. The daily Paybefore news updates allow us to quickly respond to industry developments as we identify, attract and evaluate the best people in the industry and help our clients hire the right person for each job. Our Premier Listing in the Paybefore Buyers Guide also helps prospective clients find us when they are looking for a recruiting firm that specializes in, is a part of and thoroughly knows our industry.”

Amy DeBerg, President, R&P Group


“Paybefore gives me insights into the prepaid industry and allows me to exchange ideas with industry leaders.”

Donald Kingsborough, VP/GM, PayPal Retail & Prepaid

“If you want to know what’s going on in the prepaid card industry, Paybefore is where you need to turn. From up-to-the-minute analysis on the impact of regulations and legislations at the state and federal levels to breaking industry news, Paybefore is the first to have the story. As a PR professional, it’s where I want to place stories for my prepaid clients on topics like product launches because their news will receive maximum exposure, reaching thousands within the industry.”

Crystal Wright, Public Relations Strategist, Baker Wright Group, LLC


“We have everyone in our entire group subscribe to Paybefore to ensure we all have the most up-to-date information on what’s happening in the prepaid card industry.”

Jonathan Weiner, Payments Business Development, Google 


“In the fast-paced business of prepaid, it’s nice to have Paybefore there to keep us up to speed on what’s going on in the industry.”

Brad Hanson, President, Meta Payment Systems

“Paybefore has been and continues to be an important partner of Meta. We count on the timeliness and accuracy of the reporting and find great value in the advertising dollars we spend with Paybefore.”

Grant Rogers, SVP, Meta Payment Systems

“Paybefore is an excellent resource, helping us understand the issues and the players in prepaid. It’s like having our own industry consultant telling us what’s important in the industry today. And, I’m a big fan of Paybefore.com, because it enables us to research just about any topic in prepaid.”

Joey Froedge, COO, ACCENT Intermedia

“Paybefore provides the most in-depth coverage of the prepaid industry. We love Paybefore’s emails. They provide our team with the most up-to-date prepaid news and analysis.”

Melissa Telli, Director of Marketing and Communications, i2c

“Paybefore is my preferred business magazine, a perfect tool to get updated and have a flavor of the most innovative and interesting experiences in prepaid.”

Gaetano Giannetto, CEO, Epipoli SpA

“At Arroweye, Paybefore is our go-to source for timely and relevant news related to the prepaid industry. It’s a huge timesaver to have a trusted news source where our entire team can log on to find accurate and useful information, at the click of a button.”

Jill Ellis, Vice President, Marketing, Arroweye Solutions

“Whether it’s Durbin in the U.S., e-money in Europe or new innovations in India, Paybefore is my source for timely news and insights into what’s happening in the growing world of prepaid.”

Scott Galit, CEO, Payoneer

“At paysafecard we are big fans of Paybefore. It’s a leading source of information in the prepaid industry and a valuable partner of ours around the world.”

 Michael Müller, CEO, paysafecard.com Wertkarten AG


“Paybefore is a useful source of information, analysis and resources—one of the media outlets that helps me to keep up to date with the latest industry trends and news.”

Gilles Coccoli, Chairman, PrePay Solutions



“When I need to know what’s going on in the prepaid industry, Paybefore is where I turn. From up-to-the-minute analysis of important issues to breaking industry news, Paybefore is one of the first to run the story and provides information that I end up using regularly. As a marketing professional, it’s where I read stories on companies in our industry as well as topics on new and innovative products in prepaid. Their news receives maximum exposure and reaches thousands within the industry.” 

 Jennifer Boutwell, VP, InComm

“Paybefore serves as a reliable source of news and activity, observing industry trends that are essential for our firm when working with clients.”

Tracy Dangott, Senior Product Manager, Public Sector Prepaid Cards, JPMorgan Chase

“We regard Paybefore as our information and knowledge partner, providing ideas on prepaid from around the world to enrich our knowledge and support us in applying prepaid solutions to the Indian culture. At the same time, Paybefore highlights our innovative prepaid solutions to financially empower Indian consumers and solve their real-world and everyday payment issues. Having this voice to the prepaid world outside of India is important to us and Itz Cash’s status as the prepaid business leader from India.”

Naveen Surya, Managing Director, ItzCash Card Limited

“Paybefore is invaluable for concisely capturing what is happening in prepaid and distributing it quickly so we can keep up on the latest regulatory updates and industry trends. It delivers prepaid news that is timely, relevant and actionable for our company.”

Hal Cline, Vice President of Sales, Card Production Services, Fiserv


“Paybefore is a key source of breaking news as well as in-depth analysis of development and issues important to the prepaid industry. It is an indispensible resource that should be on every prepaid executive’s ‘must read’ list.”

Chris Byrd, President & COO, Evolution1 Inc.

“Paybefore is an invaluable source of information on what is happening in prepaid globally. Paybefore informs our team and helps support real business decisions.”

Nick Cahn, Managing Director, CPI Card Group, Europe

“Our team turns to Paybefore ahead of any other prepaid industry resource. Paybefore not only keeps us informed, it gives us the perspective and insight to make strategic business decisions in a competitive and fast-moving industry.”

Ryan Gilbert, CEO, BillFloat Inc.


“With all of the legislation and regulation affecting the prepaid industry that is proposed on a seemingly weekly basis, Paybefore is the single resource that I can count on to remain up to date. In fact, I know that I can log onto the Paybefore Website at any time and learn about a late-breaking issue before it becomes available through any other source.”

Brad Fauss, EVP and General Counsel, Brightwell Payments

“We read Paybefore regularly for news and trends affecting prepaid products and companies, both in North America and internationally.”

Dawn Jetten, Partner, and Sharissa Ellyn, Associate, Financial Services Regulatory Group, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP


“Paybefore is my first read when there is breaking news in prepaid. It is crisp and concise and keeps me abreast of any critical developments. Paybefore is ‘the’ publication on prepaid.”

Jeremy Kuiper, Managing Director, The Bancorp Bank

“Paybefore has become a trusted, one-stop resource that enables me to stay in the know on all the news that surrounds the prepaid industry.”

 Julie Mazman, Vice President, Marketing, Green Dot Corporation

“I read Paybefore News religiously. I love the timely, brief updates; they are the best way to stay abreast of what’s happening in the industry.”

Scott Scovel, Vice President – Prepaid Financial Services, Univision Communications Inc.

“We depend on Paybefore to keep us up to date on developments in the industry through their concise and accurate research and reporting.”

Michael E Zielinski, President/CEO, Royal Buying Group Inc.


“[Paybefore] has been a godsend on getting me up to speed. Wayne Chatham praises your industry efforts all the time, so I look forward to meeting you someday soon!”

Matthew L. Hood, J.D., Associate Director of Sales, Card Compliant