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Android Pay Adds Chase, Apple Pay Coming to Japan

Two of the leading mobile payments services made significant moves on Sept. 7, with Android Pay adding support for more payment cards in the U.S. and U.K. and launching on the mobile Web, while Apple announced it will bring Apple Pay to Japan in October.

Android Pay now offers support for Chase-issued Visa credit, debit and liquid prepaid cards in the U.S., as well as cards issued by Santander and TSB in the U.K., Google announced in a blog post. Among major U.S. banks, Chase previously was a notable holdout on making its cards compatible with Android Pay. Last year, the bank unveiled its own mobile payment service, Chase Pay, but soon after, the bank announced card support for Samsung Pay. Chase-issued cards also are compatible with Apple Pay—and this week’s Android Pay partnership is the latest sign that Chase isn’t planning to wall off its cardholders from third-party mobile payments services in favor of Chase Pay, which is scheduled to roll out later this year at brick-and-mortar retail locations.

Google also announced that Android Pay is coming to the mobile Web. The service will be offered as a payment option on the mobile websites of e-retailers including Groupon and 1-800-Flowers.com, Google said.

Meanwhile, along with unveiling its newest iPhone and Apple Watch models on Sept. 7, Apple announced that Apple Pay will launch in Japan in October. Among Apple’s launch partners in the Land of the Rising Sun are transit card provider Suica, whose cards can be used to purchase bus and rail passes. Apple Pay also will be supported by major credit and prepaid card issuers in Japan, along with global and Japanese retailers and brands, Apple said.

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