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On the Wire: Vodafone Integrates PayPal and Visa into Wallet

Press Release

  • PayPal and Visa credit cards can be used securely and conveniently on a smartphone
  • Paying contactless payments at more than 3 million terminals throughout Europe
  • Wallet replaces plastic money, car keys and parking tickets

Dusseldorf, March 1, 2016 – Vodafone upgrades the smartphone to become a universal purse and makes the Wallet even better. For that reason, the partners Vodafone, PayPal and Visa Europe introduce two payment methods to Vodafone Wallet – the digital purse on a smartphone. From now on Vodafone customers can use their PayPal-Accounts and their Visa credit cards together with their NFC-enabled smartphones to conduct secure and convenient payments at petrol stations, restaurants or at supermarkets.

Head of Vodafone Germany, Hannes Ametsreiter: “The Gigabit-Society will revolutionize our everyday life. We set up networks operating at gigabit rates and create infrastructures that are fast, connected and digital. Contactless payments via smartphones demonstrate how connectivity and digitalization can already influence our everyday life.” Further: “This unique cooperation is a minor revolution. For the first time, our customers can use PayPal and Visa credit cards, two existing and widespread payment methods, on their phones.”

From now on, PayPal and Visa credit cards are available to all customers who already use Vodafone Wallet for contactless payments. The only requirements: they need to own one of approximately 90 certified NFC-Smartphones, an NFC-enabled SIM-card with a fixed-term contract and a Visa credit card or a PayPal-account. Vodafone customers who do not have a PayPal-account yet can log in directly to PayPal via the Vodafone Wallet. In addition, the customer automatically enters into a contract with Raphaels Bank during the setup process. This is only for the processing of the transactions and free of charge for the customer.

Stop, touch, pay…

Paying with Vodafone Wallet is easy and quick. Customers simply hold their smartphone at the card reader at the cash desk – wherever contactless payments with Visa card are accepted. The Vodafone Wallet app does not have to be open, nor is a mobile connection necessary. After each purchase, customers receive a notification of the ensued payment. The Vodafone Wallet app also provides further details on each payment as well as a complete transaction history. This ensures the optimal overview.

Distribution and variety of use is the key to success

Whether in a supermarket, filling station, café, restaurant, jeweler or construction market – paying contactless with a smartphone is possible at around 3 million points of acceptance in Europe. Numerous other functions of the Vodafone Wallet are enabling the smartphone to be a multifunctional everyday companion. The digital wallet is equipped to accommodate further customer and couponing cards, to save parking tickets and shopping vouchers or to keep the car key safe.

Digital payments grow in popularity

According to Visa’s 2016 Digital Payments Study, the number of consumers regularly using a mobile device – whether a smartphone, tablet or wearable – to make payments has tripled in the past year. Also in Germany, digital payments are more and more accepted. Currently, 54% of consumers surveyed regularly use a mobile device to make payments for a range of activities – in the 18 to 24 age group, even 78% use a mobile device to make payments. The increasing use of digital payments is related to the increasing dissemination of contactless payments in stationary retail. This is not only possible with contactless cards but also with NFC-enabled smartphones.

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