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On the Wire: Ensenta Rolls Out Multi-Check Mobile API

Press Release

Ensenta, a payments technology provider, announces the release of its Multi-Check Mobile™, a streamlined way for businesses to deposit multiple checks at once with a smart phone or tablet.

Business users initiate the Multi-Check enabled app on their mobile devices, and flip the checks front-back, front-back, under the camera until all checks are captured – all without manually entering individual check amounts. Exceptions can be easily edited on the device and totals balanced.

Multi-Check Mobile addresses the growing need for financial institutions to provide businesses with an inexpensive deposit solution for low volume scenarios, e.g. less than 10 to 15 checks per day. Ensenta’s fully automated API eliminates the cost of a desktop scanner and the related complexities of browsers and device drivers.

Multi-Check Mobile™ shares the same advanced risk mitigation tools and Business Remote Deposit Capture (bRDC) functionality as Ensenta’s higher volume desktop scanner solutions. It also incorporates Mitek’s MiSnap™ (MITK) video capture technologies for an optimal user experience.

“Our ability to offer Multi-Check Mobile together with Ensenta’s Agile Risk Management tools that support high dollar deposits are key to driving RDC adoption for business users.” said Louise Steller, vice president of product strategy at Ensenta.

“Using a mobile device to capture multiple checks in a single session, makes for a great user experience, and is easy for the financial institution to support. Our Multi-Check Mobile™ API is available for integration into existing mobile banking apps.”

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