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New Blackhawk Program Offers Same-Day Rebates for Utility Customers

Capitalizing on consumer demand for cashback rewards, Blackhawk Network has launched a new rebate processing solution that helps utility service providers offer a rebate consumers can receive on the same day of service via prepaid card.

Blackhawk’s new On-the-Spot Rewards program is targeted for use by utility service providers across the U.S., which can use the platform to offer consumers rebates and rewards following their purchase of in-home service, HVAC or energy-efficient product installation.

After installation of a product or an in-home service call, a technician completes the rebate submission by entering the consumer’s information via mobile app. The technician then provides the consumer with an inactive open-loop reward card and the consumer is emailed information on how to activate and load the card with a reward of up to $1,000 via a Web portal. The information provided by the consumer during the rebate submission process offers utility and service providers access to useful customer data, Blackhawk noted. Meanwhile, the mobile- and digital-enabled rebates can save providers mailing costs. Blackhawk research shows that shoppers across categories prefer a higher-value rebate versus other, lower-value promotional offers.

“Today’s deal-seeking customer is looking for a great reward experience,” said Jay Grinde, vice president of utilities, Blackhawk Network. “Utility and service providers have long seen the value in providing rewards and rebates to their end users, often to encourage them to take advantage of energy-efficient products and in-home services.”

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